About Us

Throughout its history, Missouri S&T Custodial Services has provided top quality cleaning for the students, faculty, and staff at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. This level of service has consistently been provided by the custodial department despite reductions in staff, changes in hours, or increases in square footage of buildings maintained.

We are a division of the Facilities Operations department and provide service to the academic functions of campus. Custodial Services hours are from 4:00am to 12:30pm, Monday through Friday. We clean over 1,605,044 square feet of building space on campus and have over 282 years of collective experience in our custodial staff. Each Custodian is responsible for cleaning approximately 29,861 square feet of building space. That is like cleaning 14 average size (2000 sq. ft.) homes everyday!!

Mission / Purpose

The mission/purpose of the Custodial Services Department is to provide a safe, healthy, clean and wholesome educational environment for the students, faculty and staff of Missouri Science & Technology and to be honest and friendly in all interactions with everyone we come in contact with promoting good public relations.